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Costume & Prop Rentals / Custom Scenic Design

We are a producing theatre company, which means we create all production elements: Casting, Scenery, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and more. Everything is created in our on-site shops with local designers and technicians who execute every production detail.

CDT costumes and props are available for public rental. Items can be rented by schools, theaters, non-profits, and more.

CDT scenic crews are also available for scenic and property builds periodically throughout the year.  

Please inquire for details.


Costume Rentals 
For more information and rates on costume rentals, please contact our Costume Shop. 

Phone:  952-934-1583
Email the Costume Shop

* Please note that rentals outside the state of Minnesota are not available.

  Scene Shop  

Prop & Scenery Rentals / Custom Scenic Design  
For more information and rates on prop and scenery rentals or custom scenic/property builds, please contact our Scene and Prop Shops. 

Phone:  952-934-1585
Email the Scene Shop
Email the Prop Shop